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Titlu: Feng Shui, Alternative Medicine, Crystal healing, Hypnosys, Wicca, Magik, Reiki, Karate 08 Discussion Board Forum
Descriere: We invite you to join us to the discussion group 08 - an unique forum in the world due to its pluridisciplinarity regarding the approach of life, in general and of health condition in particular, not only from the esoteric viewpoint, phylosophical, but also from the medical viewpoint. Here, you can find out information related to domains long time considered as taboo and also their name being wispered in apprehension. Likewise, you can receive the necessary help in order to heal or ameliorate certain suffering of which you haven't found the cure. We are waiting for you with the appreciations, possible displeasures (which are perfectly normal - the truth has many facets) and especially the questions of which you are seeking an answer that you could not get until this
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